It wouldn’t be the return from a LONG hiatus if we didn’t start with some hype for fall television to return! **Beware of spoilers below!**

Ahh the fall, my favorite season. Pumpkin Spice nonsense, apple things, and fall television returns to save us from scraping the bottom of the Netflix barrel. While there are many shows that are slated to debut over the next six months that look amazing, most of them haven’t been given air dates yet. But that is fine with us because we’ve got 4 shows on our plate that we are ready to obsess over in the meantime. Here they are, in definitely particular order:


Evan Rachel Wood Westworld

Credit: HBO

Based on the 1973 Sci-fi film, Westworld promises nothing but eerie, disturbing, yet beautiful imagery worthy of making it one of the most anticipated new shows of the fall. HBO has stacked the cast with superstars too, including Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, and the creepily mesmerizing Anthony Hopkins. If you don’t know the premise, definitely give it a Google. We’re going to go ahead and call it Battlestar Galactica in the Wild West. Yeah, that’s right. Now you’re listening. So tune in on October 2 for the premiere, and be sure to pair it with a nice Chianti.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 7

Credit: AMC

Words cannot describe the phases of intense emotion we endured on the night of the Season 6 finale. First, there was fear. The fear that one of our favorite characters was going to meet their demise via Lucille. When that did not go down the way we thought it did, enter extreme rage. We were so angry with the writers for what we thought was a cheap way to boost ratings for the next season’s premiere while also insulting the fans to the nth degree. As we have spent the summer winding down from spontaneous lunatic ravings, we’ve entered the next logical phase: sadness. We now believe we know who is getting the bat, and it’s not making it any easier. We NEED The Walking Dead to come back and usher us into the acceptance phase. We simply don’t know how much longer we can take the pain. Thankfully we only have to wait until October 23.

The Flash

The Flash Season 3

Credit: CW

Man has Barry Allen really pooped the bed on the whole “don’t mess with the timeline” thing. When we left The Flash, Zoom had been defeated leaving the universe(s) finally safe from Hunter Zolomon’s madness. Barry and Iris were going to give it a go, and Cisco had begun to come into his own powers. The price? Barry’s pops. The death of Henry Allen was apparently ‘it’ for Barry, whose last action in Season 2 was to go back in time and save his mother (and father). The Season 3 premiere titled Flashpoint will explore the massive effects of Barry’s decision; effects that bleed into the rest of the DC television universe in Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, and Supergirl. The cherry on top? That four-show crossover that’s on track for the fall? Yeah, it’s a musical. A freakin MUSICAL. Sold. Sharpie it in for October 4.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Goth Daisy AoS

Credit: ABC

Hive (Grant Ward, kind of) is dead. Hooray! Right? Well, apparently Daisy is not taking the whole thing very well at all. When we left off with AoS, Mac and Coulson were on a mission searching for Daisy, who had apparently gone rogue and was using her powers in a destructive and mostly out-of-character way. Coulson, mentioned reporting to the Director. And since he’s not usually known for speaking in the third person, we are assuming he’s been replaced. The big changes to the dynamic of the team during Season 3 were a lot to digest. Losing Mockingbird and Hunter was painful, and if Daisy really is off the reservation, that is another big blow to the core team (note that we did not mention losing Lincoln and it’s frankly because we really did not care). We’re excited to see Coulson in action and more goth Daisy… and keeping our fingers crossed that MockingHunter returns to the fold now that their spin-off was canceled. Check out Daisy’s new grunge look on September 20.

What shows are you super pumped for?? Tell us below!

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