The suspense is figuratively killing us.

Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead left Daryl Dixon fans on the brink of rioting, as we were left with the image of our beloved walker stalker’s blood splatter all over the camera. I’m fairly certain that following the voice of Dwight saying “you’ll be alright,” there must have been the biggest spike in Internet traffic searching for any sign of Daryl’s fate in the universe of The Walking Dead commentary. After all, if Daryl dies, we riot. Personally, I agree with some of my fellow commentators about the vagueness and lackluster demise of our beloved Daryl should that gunshot coincide with Daryl’s last breath. I simply don’t think the writers would see him go out like this. However, there are two things we know: someone important is going to die, and this week we meet Negan. The two things are inseparable, as avid readers of the comic know, since at Negan’s side is always the barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat he calls Lucille. Do I think that the “someone important” is Daryl at the hands of Dwight? Hell no. I think the worst is yet to come, but the question remains: who will get the bat? After a bazillion hours of talking this through with my fellow The Walking Dead fans, here’s what we came up with:


Maggie | Double Win Twins

Credit: AMC

Why it’s Maggie – Negan likes to kill two people, why not kill two birds with one bat swing. That’s provided that Maggie remains pregnant through the finale. Maggie has been set up as a leader in Alexandria, which coincides with her storyline in the comic—where Maggie ultimately becomes the leader of the Hilltop. The Walking Dead has stayed pretty close to a good deal of the comic stories, but has veered off for some big moments. Killing Maggie would be brutal, horrifying, and would truly destroy our core crew…enough to make Rick bow down at least for the time they need to regroup and mourn. Leaving Glenn alive would likely mean that Glenn joins the Hilltop to become its ultimate leader, and we all know he’s fully capable. This would give Glenn the opportunity to grow as almost an entirely new character and would be kind of cool to watch. Another tiny detail is the fact that we watched Maggie get a haircut to look a little more like the Maggie who runs Hilltop following Glenn’s death. Since we know The Walking Dead writers are the ultimate TV trolls, this could be a total red hair-ing (do you see what I did there?). The death of Maggie and her unborn baby would also be super symbolic since we’ve heard time and time again from Maggie about how they want to start a new life. The baby symbolizes hope for the future and a death like that would certainly crush Alexandria in so many ways.

Why it’s not Maggie – Maggie’s status is currently in the air, and if she needs a doctor she will have to travel to the Hilltop. This trajectory follows the comic a little too closely and doesn’t bode well for Glenn. Some viewers might see a double murder of Maggie and baby as over the line, and perhaps not entirely consistent with Negan—who is bad but still might not do something this awful only on account of what it might to do his image with the Saviors.


Glenn | Double Win Twins

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Why it’s Glenn – Well, the obvious reason is that Glenn bites it in the comic (see above). We all thought we lost Glenn once and so the writers now have a pretty good idea what the viewership would be if Glenn really died. Glenn has been there from the beginning and the loss would be pretty terrible for the crew.

Why it’s not Glenn – Meh, mostly because it’s a little TOO obvious. If the writers want to shock us, killing Glenn might not be the thing they do. UNLESS Negan kills both Glenn and Maggie, which would be INSANE and would definitely shake the group and The Walking Dead fans to the core.


Daryl | Double Win Twins

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Why it’s Daryl – Daryl is not in the comics, which means his fate is always a question, even if the writers are known to weave in and out of comic continuity. The loss of Daryl would devastate the crew, mostly the originals, and would leave Rick without his right hand.

Why it’s not Daryl – Personally, I believe Daryl’s been shot in the shoulder or across the cheek or something and I think his injury is going to step him out of the running for a date with Lucille. There is so much more they can do with Daryl’s character, especially with the Dwight storyline. If Daryl has sustained a significant injury, he might not be feeling quite up to shooting his mouth off to Negan—the act that commentators believe will bring him to the top of Negan’s kill list. Further, while I believe that the death of Daryl Dixon would be devastating to the fanbase, I think there are other ways this could play out which would be more devastating to Alexandria. So it depends on whether or not the writers are going for impact on the fans over impact on the characters. Oh, and whether or not they care to prevent rioting.


Michonne | Double Win Twins

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Why it’s Michonne – Rick just can’t catch a break in the love department, so perhaps that first kiss for Richonne was the kiss of death for Michonne. Michonne is loved by the group and has taken her place as a mother figure and friend for Carl, and is loved and trusted like family by the rest of the group. A brutal murder of Michonne would certainly bring Rick and the others to their knees.

Why it’s not Michonne – Negan makes a comment in the comic about not wanting to appear racist, and this is just the sort of detail that the writers are known to include as a shout out to the comic fans. Further, Carl has not really been around since he lost his eye and I feel like the writers would be working that Carl/Michonne relationship like what if we were going to lose her. Carl’s got a little psycho in him, and losing Michonne would definitely spark it up, but we would be seeing more of him if Michonne dying like that was the thing that woke it up in him.

Abraham, Aaron, Rosita, or Sasha

The Walking Dead | Double Win Twins

Credit: AMC

I simply don’t think the death of any of these folks would rise to the level of hype that has been set for Negan’s entrance. Feel free to disagree.

As for me, I’m putting my money on Maggie, and perhaps including Glenn. But Imma have my riot gear all ready to go, just in case.

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Check out the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday, April 3, at 9 on AMC, and bring your tissues.

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