Nana and Fanny give you their favorite TV ‘ships in this lovingly crafted list.

**Some of the ‘ships we mention below may contain spoilers!**

In honor of on-screen nerd love and TV ‘ships we wish would come to pass, we give you our 10 favorite TV ‘ships. Some of these may have been the real thing at one point or another, and some we wish would just happen already!

Buffy & Angel – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy and Angel | Double Win Twins
Ahh, the age-old story. Girl meets boy, boy turns out to be vampire, girl turns out to be chosen. Their love seemed doomed from the beginning. Somehow, the two managed to overcome the absurd age-difference and dietary incongruities to become one of our favorite couples on television. That is, until doing “the nasty” turns Angel into an all-out lunatic. Our hearts yearned to see that moment come to pass where Buffy and Angel could be back in lovers form. And sadly when it finally happened, it was just about the time that Buffy had to slay the biggest vampire threat in town, sending Angel to an unknown hell dimension. What joy we felt When Angel returned, determined to right his wrongs. Unfortunately, “the curse” kept them from truly reuniting, but they will always be together in our hearts.

Abbie & Ichabod (a.k.a Ichabbie) – Sleepy Hollow

Ichabbie | Double Win Twins
Bound together by a biblical obligation, Abigail Mills and Ichabod Crane are the two Witnesses of the coming apocalypse. We’ve watched them grow as friends, confidants, and partners in crime. We’ve watched them overcome great odds and through their strength of character they have become so much more than just a team. They have an undeniable chemistry and an unquestionable love for each other. Although they are not love interests for each other, we view them as such. With Katrina out of the picture, Ichabbie fans everywhere have been waiting for that sweet moment when each of them realizes how much more they mean to each other than they have been willing to admit over these last two years. Will it ever happen? Yo, we don’t know. But pick up that candelabra, and they glow.

Rick & Michonne (a.k.a. Richonne) – The Walking Dead

Richonne | Double Win Twins
It only seems natural that the two biggest badasses in the zombie apocalypse should band together, right? Rick’s leadership skills have proven successful on so many occasions, but where would he be without the calm consideration and reason that Michonne has brought to the mix. Michonne has no doubt become incredibly close to Rick and Carl, becoming almost like a mother-figure to Carl. And although Rick may not see it immediately, he will eventually notice the ferocity with which he protects Michonne for more reasons than she is just “one of them.”

Felicity & Oliver (a.k.a. Olicity)- Arrow

Olicity | Double Win Twins
Do you remember the first time Oliver looked into Felicity’s eyes and said he loved her, only later we found out it was a plot to throw off Slade Wilson? Buzzkill. The wheels of Olicity had already started to turn as audience members noticed the off-the-charts chemistry between Felicity and Oliver, especially compared to the awkward fizzle between Laurel and Oliver. But alas, no old flame, genius billionare, or huntress could keep Olicity from coming to pass. We’ve watched them become each others’ rock, and also noticed how it did not ruin the show. Ships, 1; unrequited love plots, 0. Olicity 4EVR.

Veronica & Logan – Veronica Mars

Veronica and Logan | Double Win Twins
Logan Echolls could be such a douche, let’s be honest. But Veronica made him a way better person. Veronica, with her sassy wit, extraordinary intelligence, and charm could figure out just about anything. That is, except Logan. Albeit, their love/hate relationship was not the pinnacle of healthy relationships, but it was their chemistry, their clear “moth to a flame” desire that kept us hooked on them… and well, them hooked on each other.They used to be a lot more than friends, and we loved every second of it.

Jemma Simmons & Leo Fitz (a.k.a. FitzSimmons) –Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

FitzSimmons | Double Win Twins
The feels. ALL THE FEELS. We all felt the love Fitz had for Simmons long before that moment he told her in the container at the bottom of the ocean. And whether Simmons knew it or not, all of those sandwiches were made with love, and not just the best friend kind. The roller-coaster of FitzSimmons has had some of the most intense highs and lows of recent nerdertainment, and is honestly one of the many reasons why AOS is one of our favorite shows. FitzSimmons’ love for each other is predicated on mutual respect, understanding, and friendship. The road has been complicated, but we’ve all been right there by Fitz’s side the entire time, screaming for Jemma.

Hayley & Elijah (a.k.a. Haylijah) – The Originals

Haylijah | Double Win Twins
Hayley and Elijah have had their fair share of pain and suffering on account of their familial issues, but it’s clear that their desire for each other has delivered an almost consistent level of heartache. Sure, Hayley just HAD to marry Jackson, and sure Elijah just HAD to stay quiet; but despite Hayley’s dedication to her Pack and devotion to Jackson, the tension between Hayley and Elijah remained thick as molasses throughout the whole disappointing ordeal. Sadly for Hayley and the wolves, Jackson will no longer pose an obstacle to Haylijah, unless Hayley does the exact thing we expect her to do- blame the Mikaelsons for Jackson’s death and ultimately disassociate herself. If you ask me, the two should stick together, and if you ask my fellow Haylijah ‘shippers, I’m sure you’ll hear “till death do they part.”

Fred & Wesley – Angel

Fred and Wesley | Double Win Twins
Nobody, certainly neither of us, expected Wesley to become a likable character when he first joined Buffyverse. He was prissy, tightly wound, and even a little creepy at times (awkward Cordelia kiss, anyone?). It was not until Wesley left Sunnydale that he was really given an opportunity to grow into someone much more valuable and lovable; and it gave him the chance to meet Fred Burkle. Tiny, adorable, and hella smart, Fred Burkle. Although it took awhile for their feelings for each other to become evident, there was no shortage of feels during the Fred and Wesley episodes. And nothing, NOTHING gives me more feels than “Wesley, why can’t I stay?” Damn you, Illyria. You’re the WORST.

Damon & Elena (a.k.a. Delena) – The Vampire Diaries

Delena | Double Win Twins
So, I’ll just be frank here for a minute. Delena has been literally the ONLY reason I am invested into 7 seasons of this show. In fact, the idea that I could get even ONE more episode of Delena out of this keeps me coming back. Now I know there were probably some serious emotional meltdowns over the last few weeks, myself included, but there are enough loose ends out there to point to a save and sound Elena body just waiting for the wakin’. So never fear, Delena ‘shippers, Bonnie’s gotta kick the bucket someday.

Sherlock & Watson (a.k.a. JohnLock) – Sherlock

JohnLock | Double Win Twins
John and Sherlock’s chemistry on screen is such an undeniable force of nature that no matter how many unimportant faux love interests get tossed into the mix, there is never any doubt about it – the two are totally soulmates. They compliment each other, trust each other, and would do anything for each other. Wait, did I just write their wedding speech? Yups! C’mon folks, let’s take this bromance to the next level, yeah?

Who do you ‘ship? Let us know below!

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