“There is nothing in this world so hard to get at as truth, and there is nothing in this world but truth that I care for.” – Washington Irving The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories

Rest ye weary sleepyheads, our beloved Sleepy Hollow is returning on February 5, to answer your burning questions. The Mid-Season finale of Sleepy Hollow decimated Ichabbie shippers across the universe, and certainly left the characters in dire circumstances. Ichabod has just watched the closest person to him left on the earth sacrifice herself, Pandora and The Hidden One are still running amok, and Betsy Ross is apparently still in the show. Since we are gearing up to watch the Mid-Season Premiere of Sleepy Hollow we thought we’d share some nuggets the show runners have sprinkled ’round the web about the upcoming back half of Season 3, as well as our hopes, desires, and diligently formed opinions on the matter.

Who Is Your Daddy, and What Does He Do?

The Mills girls are no strangers to daddy issues, having witnessed (pun deliciously intended) papa Ezra Mills walk out on them when they were wee lasses. The reason, we were informed, was Ezra’s unwillingness to cope with the girls’ mother’s poor mental condition. We’ve since learned that James McDaniel will be joining the cast as Ezra Mills. In the same interview, Executive Producer Albert Kim discussed a few details about the emergence of the long-lost Mr. Mills, hinting that Mr. Mills is aware of his biological ties to a biblical figure, but that it does not necessarily mean he is directly involved in the show’s other-worldly struggles. I am not alone in presuming that Mills shows up on account of Abbie’s alleged demise, but then where in the Sam Hill was he when the girls got thrown in the foster system? Seems like finally showing up at Abbie’s funeral is a bit too little too late. My guess is Ezra knows more than just that he’s got a witness for a daughter. Perhaps the search for info or a way for his kid to avoid the (probably fatal) biblical obligation fueled his departure.

Team Witness | Double Win Twins

Credit: Fox Network

For the Alliance!

While Team Witness appears to have (temporarily, puh-lease) lost one half of its witnesses, we will see a stronger alliance form between Ichabod, Joe, and Jenny. (Yay, Jenny!) The group is going to have a hard time accepting the loss of Abbie, but ultimately, they would never let Abbie’s sacrifice be in vain. If evil is threatening Sleepy Hollow, then it’s certain that the Team would figure out a way to man-up and get it done. Which is good… because Pandora and The Hidden One are still kind of an issue. (Am I the only one who really doesn’t find The Hidden One to be that big of a deal?) They will have retreated only slightly, and will be looking for new ways to carry out their evil plans and likely seek retribution against Team Witness for creating a nuisance. Never fear though, because TV Line confirmed that by the end of the Premiere, Team Witness will be getting another ally. This could be Ezra Mills, or it could be Sophie—who was also confirmed to get some character development in the premiere—OR it could be someone new entirely. My only hope is that it is NOT Betsy Ross magically transported to the future… to be a person from the past who looks and speaks like they are already FROM the future… my head hurts.

Tune in on Friday, February 5, for the Mid-Season Premiere of Sleepy Hollow on Fox at 8/7C.

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