I’ve taken some time to grieve after the Mid-Season Finale of The Originals as I, like many of you, was a total Klami shipper. The slow build up over the last few seasons of the relationship between Camille and Klaus was irresistible and to see all of that come to fruition in the episode “Savior,” was a blissful, albeit brief, viewing experience. Naturally, the experience ended with blind rage following the sight of Cami’s lifeless body, covered in blood in Klaus’s arms. I know the writers’ intention was to ensure that we get a good understanding of the lengths that Aurora will go to when her jealous and psychotic senses start tingling, but it was still a huge blow to the fan base. Luckily, showrunner Julie Plec has assured us that we will see Cami again.

This isn’t the last we’ve seen Leah Pipes grace the screen of this show. The question is what context we’ll see her again and just how tragic that will be. – Julie Plec

So this got me thinking. While we did not see Camille ingest any vampire blood before her demise, that does not at all mean she did not. They made it a point to tell us Cami was healing the old-fashioned way in the first half of the episode, surely to keep things unclear later. Aurora is a psycho, for sure, but I am going to say that I would not be surprised to see her do something way more devious than just killing someone. Klaus is sure to go berserker on her if Aurora did, in fact, orchestrate Camille’s death; but that were the case, he would still have the memory of the pure Camille, who he on several occasions referred to as his “light.”
Camille | Double Win Twins

Let’s go back to the boxing gym, shall we? The interaction between Aurora and Camille was all about Aurora wanting to prove that Camille was not so innocent and pure. Camille was forced to give up the details of some of her most wicked actions, to Aurora’s satisfaction. What if Aurora’s plan was not simply to kill Cami, but to take away her alleged purity by making her a vampire? We did watch as Klaus denied Aurora’s attempts at trying to become a vampire herself, and some part of her must have felt that her becoming one was one of the reasons their relationship imploded. With Cami’s “light” extinguished, Klaus might choose Aurora over her.

So here’s hoping my pipe-dream theory is real. I’m just not ready to see Klami go.

The Originals returns to break our hearts on January 29 on the CW.

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