Ahhhh January…

What is it good for? Cold weather, head colds, and binge-watching tv shows. I can’t complain too much, as I have been clamoring for the time to watch iZombie for while. As a fan of Veronica Mars, I was tickled at the idea of Rob Thomas creating a new female-led show, and iZombie does not disappoint. The show’s main character, Liv Moore, portrayed fantastically by Rose McIver, is quirky, charming, and incredibly versatile. When I first started watching iZombie, my impression of some of the other characters was completely different than it was by the time I finished. I imagined hating Major and Peyton, finding Ravi and Clive both shallow but entertaining, and feeling exactly as you would expect about the villainous Blaine, whom I assumed would be a short-lived bad guy character. Halfway into Season 2, I am pleasantly surprised by the strong character development of all of the characters in the show and exactly how wrong I was about every one of them.

Ravi - Double Win Twins

Credit: CW Network

One of the thing that is so good about iZombie is how likable all of the supporting characters are. Major is not just your typical “quick to desert” pretty-boy, and as the show progresses he goes to some fairly dark places, both literally and figuratively. Major’s charm and wit are totally reminiscent of the witty banter Veronica Mars was so good at. The same thing applies to Clive, Peyton, and Ravi, who all seem like two-dimensional side-kick material but develop their own compelling layers as the show progresses. In fact, some of my loudest chortles were the direct result of Ravi’s cheeky wise-cracks. One of the most surprising results of my binge-watching session was how much I liked Blaine. Sure, Blaine is a murderer, a drug-dealer, and a total douche; but the show actually manages to make him likable. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this character has some major redemption potential in his future.

Blaine - Double Win Twins

Credit: CW Network

iZombie has a ton of Veronica Mars coursing through its veins, for sure. From the star-crossed relationship between Liv and Major so similar to the Logan/Veronica saga, to the crime-solving hi-jinx we enjoy from episode to episode; and then there’s the frequent cameos of some of our favorite Veronica Mars alum. Speaking of, it is confirmed that our beloved Kristen Bell will be voicing parts of the January 26 episode of iZombie titled “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter,” AND the we can also look forward to the addition of Enrico Colantoni, the actor who played Veronica’s P.I. Pops, who will join the iZombie cast as Detective Lou Benedetto in episode 14. This is all exciting news for sure, and I will happily indulge in more Mars nostalgia, but my only concern with all of this symmetry is that I hope iZombie doesn’t share the same fate as Veronica Mars (because I cannot go through that again, what with the crying and the ice cream and the letter-writing).

So what is my point? Well, watch iZombie. It’s a cute, extremely fun, clever show for the Z-curious. Whether you are a fan of the comic book series, a fan of Veronica Mars, or just a warm-blooded human, iZombie is totally binge-watching paradise.

iZombie returns to the CW on January 12 at 9/8 C. Check out the promo for Season 2 Episode 10, “Method Head” here:

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