The Winter Finale of Season 3 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, left us with nary a moment to breathe with literally the entire episode pushing us to the very edges of our seat. Where we left off last week, our beloved Coulson, Fitz, and a team of Hydra douchebags were scouring the lifeless planet believed to have housed a most feared and deadly ancient Inhuman. Naturally, in true S.H.I.E.L.D fashion, the team embarks on a mission to save their leader and friend, and fingers-crossed, find Will Daniels in the process. What we got was a whole bunch of cultish psycho-babble out of Ward for the better part of the episode and some serious badassery out of Coulson, Mack, and Fitz.

I’ll start off by admitting I was wrong on the whole Will Daniels was evil from the start theory, but I’ll add that I am at least slightly vindicated by the body-snatching aspect of the evil Inhuman’s abilities. While we are certainly relieved to see Will in his underground cavern, it’s not too long after that Will’s pointed dialogue cues us to the idea that he might not be the Jemma-loving Will we remember. So, we established a few things during this totally awesome episode about this Inhuman: he’s like a parasite that can inhabit dead bodies (gross), he basically destroyed nine… NINE cities, and his other abilities are at this point a mystery. In fighting Fitz he didn’t demonstrate any brute strength, mind control, or telekentic powers, which leaves me genuinely wondering what is so bad about an Inhuman who can take over dead bodies?

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Sadly, we don’t get to see Jemma actively choose Fitz, which is one of the things we most lament about this episode (other than it’s over). We would have liked to have seen Will come back and FitzSimmons reign supreme on account of Jemma actually choosing Fitz instead of just defaulting to him. I know, I know, we all know Jemma loves Fitz. But it could have made for some serious feels.

Andrew/Lash is going to be a huge source of guilt for Jemma fueled by every dead Inhuman body that is left in his wake. While it is ultimately good that there was no army of Inhumans for evil(er) Ward to command when he returned as the… whatever it is, Lash is going to have to be taken care of yet again. Most likely, by Melinda.

So, where do we go from here? Well, now that InWard is out, that planet (Hala?) is going to be the best place to gather intelligence for Team S.H.I.E.L.D, who will have to figure out how to deal with the consequences of Hydra finally getting their leader back. I’m hoping for a visit back to the ruins of the nine cities and a whole lot more FitzSimmons feels.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D returns on March 3!

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