**Spoilers below for Season 4 of Arrow**

While last week’s crossover bonanza between Arrow and The Flash left us super pumped for Mr. and Mrs. Hawk, there was a noticeable choice to ignore the ongoing “Ghost” problem in Star City, and that included the lack of any reference to the currently captured Andy Diggle. Now, the mystery of Andy Diggle’s alleged murder has been plaguing John Diggle since Season 1. But things have also become way more complicated now that we have learned that Deadshot did not actually kill Andy, and Andy presumably elected to become one of Darhk’s Ghosts. Setting aside the questions surrounding the Deadshot situation, one thing is becoming clear about the growing conflict between Damien Darhk and Team Arrow, and it directly involves that bit of information we got out on the docks from Darhk, himself. However, the fact that these Ghosts are choosing to become so does not mean they were totally willing parties. We know that Damien Darhk has a habit of making people bend to his will by threatening everything they hold dear, so it’s completely plausible, in fact, likely that many of these Ghosts felt they had no choice.
Andy Diggle | Double Win Twins
The trailer for the mid-season finale has returned the Damien Darhk conflict to the forefront and reminded us that Oliver is in for some serious trouble. Darhk’s primary tactic in trying to hurt Oliver is to hurt those he cares about, and remove them from the equation. We might get a little more insight into who is in the grave six months later, but I do not think that death will be the only thing Darhk will use to hurt Oliver. What could be an interesting direction for the show would be a path that leads to one or more of Team Arrow making the transition into one of H.I.V.E.’s Ghosts. Diggle would be primed for this storyline. The trailer makes it pretty evident that Darhk will learn of the identities of Team Arrow, and if he learns of John’s he will know exactly how to handle the older Diggle—just like the younger Diggle.
John Diggle | Double Win Twins

So, my predictions for the back half of Season 4 of Arrow are as follows:

-John Diggle goes all Ghost under threat against his family – let’s face it, someone is going to go straight up Casper and John is the most likely and tragic suspect.

-We learn Andy Diggle was forced to become a Ghost under threat against his family – I think we will find out that all of the terrible things Andy did were also under duress and part of his affiliation with H.I.V.E.

-Oliver’s baby mama is in that grave – it’s not Felicity, that is simply too easy and I just don’t think the scenes in the trailer are any proof that Felicity is the one in the grave, they’re just red herrings. And although I would be totally fine with it being Laurel in the grave, I don’t think it’s her either. There is a chance in my mind that it’s Thea in that grave, and that would set up Season 5 for all hell breaking loose on account of Malcolm Merlyn’s promise to avenge his daughter’s death. Ultimately, I think the higher percentage lies with the mama though, and not only will Oliver be left to be a single dad, but he will carry the guilt of bringing her into harms way to begin with. So I’ll give 70% Baby Mama, 30% Thea. Sound reasonable?

What do you think?

Check out the trailer for the Mid-season Finale of Arrow:

Watch the Mid-season Finale of Arrow on Wednesday, December 9 at 8/7C on the CW.