Name: Abbie Mills
TV Show: Sleepy Hollow
Class: FBI Agent and Witness
Filed Under: Ordinary Person/Extraordinary Circumstances
Portrayed By: Nicole Beharie


Lieutenant Abigail Mills was no stranger to supernatural forces when the time finally came that she learned of her duty as a Witness. As a child, the demon Moloch revealed himself to Abbie and her sister Jenny in the woods, but it was not until much later that Abbie would learn that this was no mistake, and in fact Moloch was a very real threat to humanity. The incident in the woods began a long period of estrangement between Abbie and Jenny, and led Abbie to do what any troubled and lonely teen would do in her situation—rebel. Abbie got herself into plenty of trouble and was given an ultimatum by her future friend and mentor, Sheriff Corbin: Abbie could either continue down the path she was on or make something of her life, and her choice would surely be indicative of the kind of person she was under all of the turmoil she had suffered.

To wage war fearing loss is to give in to defeat. -Lt. Abbie Mills

With police training and a father figure in August Corbin, Abbie became a well-respected and capable officer. But nothing would prepare her for the emergence of the Horseman and the coming of Moloch. Instead of allowing the loss of August Corbin and the revelation of the ongoing supernatural war destroy her, Abbie found strength in herself and with the aid of her Witness counterpart, Ichabod Crane, she was able to face the demons (quite literally) and remain steadfast in her dedication to the mission.

Abbie is smart and resourceful, but more importantly, has demonstrated time and time again that she can be selfless in her actions. To say that Abbie is unwavering in her commitment would not entirely be true in all respects because she does have moments of doubt and reflection. But one of the reasons we love her so much is because of this. Abbie is thoughtful and at the end of the day, when she does doubt her role in the world and her commitment to the cause, you know that when she reaffirms her commitment it is nothing but the truth because she has carefully considered all angles.

Stat Allocation

Strength: Abbie is not gifted with brute strength nor has she received extensive training in fighting. However, she has received law enforcement training and last we heard, being an FBI agent is pretty tough. Abbie’s combat abilities primarily stem from tactical knowledge.However, Abbie is remarkably strong-willed and it takes a serious constitution to perform some of the utterly selfless acts she has been known to do. 3.

Dexterity: While she many not be proficient with a crossbow, or an expert knife-thrower, Abbie does have tactical training and an FBI badge. Abbie is, in fact, proficient with guns though and presumably has developed a fantastic aim, as any agent would. 4.

Intellect: Ahhh. Abbie Mills is a smart cookie, for sure. She’s got on point detective skills, she’s resourceful, and she’s got a razor-sharp wit. Abbie’s ability to come up with a plan and make a quick decision make her a great asset to the group. She’s not the scholar that Ichabod is, nor does she share the luxury of having a photographic memory, but Abbie has on many occasions been the key to crafting the most effective way to handle any of the nasties that the Witnesses come up against. 4.

Charisma: This is Abbie’s strongest area, as we love her wit, her charm, and her selflessness. She has made so many fans fall in love with her over the seasons and it’s no shock that part of that is because of the strong connections we see between her and Ichabod, Jenny, and even Frank Irving. 5.
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