Here at Double Win Twins, we love to find new things to fangirl out on! Well, we just found the pot of gold at the end of a spectacular nerd rainbow and we couldn’t wait to share with you: the web series i can’t even.

i can’t even. features two hilarious characters, Em and Lex–expertly played by Louise Cox and Tiana Hogben respectively–who might be bigger fangirls than we are. The series covers some of the same fandoms we adore and comes from the brilliant minds of real-life twins Hayley and Alyce Adams. We caught up with Hayley and Alyce in an interview and asked them about their process, inspirations, and favorite fandoms.

i can't even. Web Series

Tiana Hogben (Lex) and Louise Cox (Em)

DWT: Although the Double Win Twins are not actually twins, we tend to share the same ideas and views, and often the same fandoms… give or take a few. However, we each bring something different to the production table. Tell us what the production process is like for the two of you, and do you tend to contribute each in your own unique way?

Hayley: The process starts with Alyce trawling through Tumblr or watching countless hours of TV for ‘research’. And then I set a deadline for a draft script, which I know will be delivered at about 2am in the morning after she has been up for hours trying to think of new ways of scaring people with an Edward Cullen cardboard cutout. The process is pretty reliant on each of us working together, because Alyce has all the brilliant ideas and I have to figure out how to make them actually happen (i.e. an Edward Cullen cardboard cutout out).

DWT: How much of the relationship between Em and Lex draws from your relationship as sisters?

Alyce: Hayley and I have spent too much time trying to figure out the timeline between River Song and the Doctor (we didn’t), so I guess it would be safe to assume that Em and Lex are similar to us. I don’t think we can throw back as many pop culture references at their speed as they do, but we try. On the surface, Em and Lex seem to be very different people, which can be said of us (Hayley is productive, I am lazy), but it’s their differences that make them work together. Lex pushes Em out of her comfort zone, and Em curtails Lex’s more impulsive decisions. In my mind, they balance each other out, and that is definitely how I view Hayley and mine’s relationship.

DWT: You mentioned in your recent BuzzChomp interview that you watch female-driven comedies for writing inspiration. Some of the comedians you mentioned–Mindy Kaling, and Amy Schumer–have at times talked about some of the obstacles for women in comedy, and entertainment in general. What are your views about challenges that women in geekdom face?

Alyce: I think the main challenge women face in geekdom is the tired trope that a girl can’t be a ‘real’ geek if she looks a certain way. It’s very frustrating and frankly sexist, as such a level of scrutiny is only ever focused on women. I don’t care what someone looks like, but I care if you can list Dumbledore’s full name! (It’s Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, in case anyone was interested.) At the time, creating the web series with two female leads didn’t seem like some controversial idea, because the majority of people we talked to about nerdy things were girls, so it was a logical decision for us. We’re just happy to have helped, in whatever small way, to creating more representation for women in geekdom.

Alyce and Hayley Adams

Alyce and Hayley Adams

DWT: What made you decide to start working on i can’t even? Was this an organic off-shoot of another project, or a passion project in the works for awhile?

Hayley: Alyce and I both love film and TV, but wanted to start with something smaller like a web series to get our voice out there. So working on i can’t even. was definitely a passion project for the two of us. We set out to make something achievable, with minimal characters or locations changes that was funny and female driven. We love comedians like Mindy Kaling, Amy Schumer and Amy Poehler (to name but a few) and wanted to have a go ourselves. Once the parameters were set, Alyce went away and came up with the idea! It was pretty organic from there!

DWT: What are some of your favorite ‘ships’ from fandom (aside from Bella and Edward, of course)?

Alyce: You know, Hayley was Team Edward, but I was always more of a Jacob and Bella shipper. I meant what I wrote in the Twilight episode. Edward is just way too possessive of her. But that’s enough about Twilight. I always really liked Harry and Ginny, mainly because she’s a BAMF, but Hayley’s long time OTP are Ron and Hermione. Sometimes she would get the 7th book and just read the Silver Doe chapter multiple times (Ron/Hermione shippers will know what she’s talking about.) Currently I’m having some major feels with everything that’s happening to Fitzsimmons on Agents of SHIELD, and to rep another web series, I seriously can’t even with the adorableness of Bea and Ben in Lovely Little Losers.

DWT: If you could be any character from any fandom for a day, who would each of you be, and why?

Alyce: Hayley tells me she would be Hermione, which means she would essentially be herself but with bushier hair and limited access to the Internet. For me, I think I would be Buffy, but pre season 6. I don’t think I could handle even one day there. Buffy’s pretty kick ass, and I wish I had the confidence to pull off some of those 90s outfits.

DWT: What are you two working on now? A second season of i can’t even. perhaps?

Alyce: We feel a bit like Steven Moffat working on Sherlock. Another season could be coming, but when? Who knows. I will admit that I did recently write a new script, but that’s all I can say about it!

DWT: And finally, the most important question you will ever be asked: How prepared are you for the Zombie Apocalypse?

Alyce: I really feel like Louise (who plays Em in i can’t even.)should be answering this question, she’s obsessed with The Walking Dead. However, I do watch the show with her, so I feel like I’ve done an adequate amount of research to answer this properly. My master plan would be to build and live in a giant tree house. This is something I have been thinking about for a while. Zombies can’t climb, why doesn’t everyone just shimmy up a tree whenever a horde is coming through? Pretty sure I’ll live to my 80s with this plan.

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Thanks, Alyce and Hayley, for being awesome!