Name: Sara Lance
TV Show: Arrow
Class: Superhero
Filed Under: Ordinary Person/Extraordinary Circumstances
Portrayed By: Caity Lotz


Resilient. It is quite possibly the one word that best describes Sara Lance. The character development of the younger, more rebellious Lance sister, in many ways followed the same trajectory as Oliver Queen. When the two embarked on the Queen’s Gambit journey that changed their lives forever, each was established as selfish, immature, and spoiled, albeit coming from different socio-economic backgrounds. What happened in the months after the Queen’s Gambit sank changed them both in a fundamental way; but for Sara, it was her own actions in the name of survival that drove her to disassociate from her past and accept her fate as a member of the League of Assassins.

I spent six years in the darkness; and I looked into the eyes of the devil and I gave him my soul. -Sara Lance

Sara’s emergence as the Canary reunited her with her family but also brought the League of Assassins to the doorstep of Team Arrow. It’s easy to see why Sara would feel as though she is undeserving of family, love, and acceptance; after all, Sara admits to doing horrible things and understands that it is her association with the League that ultimately puts her family in harm’s way. But Sara finds the strength to reject the life she led and with the support of Team Arrow finds meaning and purpose in “fighting the good fight.” While Sara remained tortured by her past throughout her membership in Team Arrow, her humanity was often quite evident to those around her, even if she herself was unaware of just how much it shined like a beacon in a sea of darkness.

It’s tough to talk about Sara Lance without acknowledging the number of times she was knocking on death’s door, or frankly, having a good lengthy sit-down with death itself. A survivor, first and foremost, is our Sara Lance, and she continues to show us just how much she is a survivor with every obstacle that comes her way.
Black Canary | Double Win Twins

Stat Allocation

Strength: Sara has no super-human strength, but she is a powerhouse of fighting skills and can hold her own with the strongest opponents. With the use of weapons and the martial arts skills she acquired through her time with the League of Assassins, she compensates for her lack of physical strength with precision. She knows how to use the attacks of stronger opponents against them to render the inequities of brute strength a non-issue in combat. Sara is also, again, incredibly resilient. Her desire to reject the League, despite grave consequences, shows that her inner strength is one of her biggest assets, even when redemption seemed an utterly impossible feat. 4.

Dexterity: Precision and skill in combat place Sara in the upper echelon in the area of dexterity. She is extraordinarily lithe and excels at being stealth, as being a trained assassin would require such skills. 5.

Intellect: While Sara’s assassin training and survival skills must attribute themselves to a keen intellect in terms of strategy and the ability to determine the best course of action in combat, Sara has not had much opportunity to show us much else in terms of intelligence. She has gotten herself into trouble enough times that might suggest that her critical thinking and judgment may not have had enough room to grow on account of her living constantly in survival mode for years. She miscalculates her own worth, she miscalculates the reactions of others, and with time to grow and heal, she may just yet gain some truly noticeable wisdom and insight. At this point, she’s not quite there. 3.

Charisma: Sara definitely has some lone wolf tendencies, and consistently trends towards alienating herself from others. Again, maybe its because she simply needs time to heal and time to sort through the things that have happened to her. But for now, Sara has demonstrated reluctance towards getting close to people. While Sara is beloved by Team Arrow and her own family, she is not the outwardly charismatic and well-adjusted seeming personality we would want her to be and hope she becomes. 3.

Sara Lance | Stats
Abs for daysGreat in a zombie apocalypseCool leather outfitsDoesn't stay dead
Trouble follows herBaggageBloodlustLooks way better in leather than you
3.8Super Fly!