Name: Barry Allen
TV Show: The Flash
Class: Superhero
Filed Under: Gifted Supernatural
Portrayed By: Grant Gustin


His name is Barry Allen, and he’s the fastest man alive… well in this world anyway. When we first meet Barry, he has come to Starling City to help Oliver Queen with a case about a mysterious break in at Queen Consolidated. Barry made himself known as an expert in forensic science, sharing the same kind of intellectual abilities as our beloved Felicity. It’s only when Barry is struck by lightning during the particle accelerator blast back in Central City that Barry is put into a coma. When Barry wakes up, he has discovered that he now has a new metahuman ability—speed.

Barry has a heart of gold and the desire to help people. No task is too trivial for the Flash, whether it’s stopping a thief from stealing a handbag, or stopping a super-strong metahuman from killing people. Barry has long been trying to solve the case of his mother’s murder, a mystery that has resulted in the incarceration of his father for a crime he did not commit. Barry is focused and at all times aims to protect the people he loves.

All my life, I’ve wanted to do more… be more. And now I am. -Barry Allen

We see Barry grow from the experience of becoming the Flash, and he becomes in our eyes a true superhero. While the mission of freeing his father remained a focus for Barry throughout the first season, we see him also accept the responsibilities that come along with the capacity for truly making the world a better place. We see him commit self-less acts, and we see him rise above his own pain to put others ahead of himself. Barry Allen may be the fastest man alive, but he is also just like everyone else—he feels loss, vulnerability, doubt, and sometimes needs a little nudge from his friends to keep going.

Stat Allocation

Strength: Barry does not have superhuman strength, but his super speed allows him to pack an insane punch on account of the force generated through his speed. When Barry comes up against metahumans who do have super strength, he is able to beat them because of this. Barry’s speed also enables him to carry out impossible tasks, like running up buildings and I don’t know… stopping tsunamis. With a high degree of tenacity, Barry has been able to overcome great odds and come out on top. 4.

Dexterity: Barry’s super speed puts him in the highest percentage of contenders from a dexterity standpoint. He can do anything sets out to in the blink of an eye. While he may not have the aim of the Arrow, he can stop an arrow or a bullet mid-air. 5.

Intellect: Barry, first and foremost, is a scientist. He’s chosen a life as a forensic scientist in order to help solve his mother’s murder, but we quickly learn that he could hold his own in the lab right alongside Caitlin and Cisco if he wanted to. 5.

Charisma: Seriously, who doesn’t like Barry Allen. I can’t think of a single person… aside from Zoom maybe. Barry has a heart of gold, as we mentioned before, and with that genuine smile and urge to help others, Barry embodies everything that a superhero should be. 5.
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Never late!Quick studySmarty pantsFamily guy
You'll never win in a raceProbably smarter than youMight get stuck in another timeYou might be drunk, but he never will be.
4.8Speed date!