For all of us who kept up with the failed series Constantine, hearing that Matt Ryan would reprise his role on Season 4 of Arrow was pretty freakin awesome. I have to admit, I don’t have wealth of knowledge when it comes to the Hellblazer series, but what I knew of the character of John Constantine seemed to be well-portrayed in the television series. John Constantine is an anti-hero: crude, conniving, and equipped with some morally questionable dirty tricks. The show was unfairly handled by NBC, and not surprisingly got canceled near the end of its 13-episode jaunt. To those of us who thoroughly enjoyed the dark and sinister world of the Hellblazer, news of the upcoming visit of our chain-smoking occultist to Star City was music to our ears.

Constantine will be joining Team Arrow in episode 4 of Arrow, and has some serious work to do in order to revive Sara Lance, who we know is destined for the Legends of Tomorrow series in 2016. The Lazarus Pit, which has already spit out a spunkier, more fearless seeming Thea Queen, will be invoked once more, although the details on Lance’s resurrection are vague at this point. The additions of Damien Darhk and now John Constantine will bring also a new magical element we haven’t seen before in the Arrowverse, aside from the life-giving waters of the Pit. Damien Darhk has powers, and as we learn more about this mysterious character, it seems he is less of the metahuman type and more of the supernatural type of gifted. John Constantine also has his own magical aptitude, and plenty of supernatural know-how. So what does this mean for Star City? Well, as if things weren’t complicated enough with metahumans running around, things are apt to get crazier if we have some full-blown magicians in the mix.

Wendy Mericle told IGN before the Season 4 premiere that fans will see Constantine “fully as who he was on the show,” which is fantastic, but thought-provoking. Where we left John Constantine, there was a Risking Darkness; there were angels and there were demons. Are we going to get all of that along with Constantine? Or is that going to stay outside the world of Arrow? Adding those elements to Arrow certainly creates an even more complicated world, and if that were the case, would the world stay complicated after Constantine’s visit concluded? I do believe that if the cross-over episode goes well, Constantine might return to Star City, but all of this will have to be hashed out by the writers. Because once you bring all of that into the mix, to accept the departure of the one person who actually knows anything about it would be pretty damn hard for Team Arrow. After all, Felicity might be a genius, but I don’t think there’s a Hogwarts anywhere near Star City.

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