Name: Nick Burkhardt
TV Show: Grimm
Class: Grimm
Filed Under: Gifted Supernatural
Portrayed By: David Giuntoli


Noble cop and resident Grimm, Nick Burkhardt, has seen some nasty things in his day. In the months following his “activation” to Grimm status, Nick had to learn some serious fighting skills. He’s come into his own as a Grimm, following in his mother’s footsteps, and in his own unorthodox way, has used his unlikely alliances to his advantage both in the human and the Wesen world.

Nick’s relationships prove to be some of his strongest assets for meeting his obligations as a Grimm. He’s changed the way the Grimm is perceived by Wesen, simply by drawing a line between the Wesen who are a danger to society and the Wesen who want to live peacefully, instead of blindly categorizing all Wesen as ‘bad guys.’ Once he makes the distinction, he has shown countless times his willingness to protect innocent Wesen the same as he would any human. This has won him tremendous loyalty in some parts of the Wesen community, and ultimately aids him in the good fight since he is able to obtain valuable intelligence from his Wesen buddies. And in times where those allegiances prove dangerous to the Wesen themselves, Nick has never hesitated to step in and threaten the lives of anyone who would do his friends harm.

Nick is trustworthy, and trusting… sometimes to a fault. Moments of naivety and narrow-mindedness have left him in situations where he was unable to truly appreciate the gravity of dangerous situations, or of the consequences of his actions not just for himself, but for others around him.

At the end of the day, Nick has a huge heart and some pretty crappy circumstances. Luckily, he has some strong friendships supporting him, even though sometimes the foe he is facing is too powerful or too close to him that the win results in some devastating collateral damage.
Nick Burkhardt | Double Win Twins

Stat Allocation

Strength: Nick has enhanced fighting skills as a Grimm, but no super strength. He’s a “strength in numbers” kind of guy, whose power comes from purpose, both as a Grimm and a cop. He’s strong-willed and dedicated, and a tad bit stubborn. Overall however, Nick is not going to win a fight with an angry Wesen through with brute strength or will. 3.

Dexterity: Nick’s Grimm blood and police training give him improved reflexes and weapons aptitude. He’s resourceful, and easily adaptable. For a bit, a little “PTZD” (Post-Traumatic Zombification Disorder) has improved some of his fighting abilities and also his endurance. 4.
Nick Burkhardt | Double Win Twins
Intellect: Nick is a pretty sharp fella. He’s got impeccable investigative skills and with the help of the trailer, has improved his knowledge base of Wesen over the last few years. However, he is a bit naïve and occasionally does or says something a little dim-witted, which furthers the suspicion that he is not very cunning. 4.

Charisma: This area is where Nick Burkhardt shines. He is well-liked in the human community and has managed to create a network of Wesen friends who should otherwise be terrified of him and swear him harm at all costs. He generates trust and loyalty, and it’s par for the course if you hear “Nick’s a good guy” a few times an episode. 5.



Nick Burkhardt | Stats
LoyalDedicated to his workWeapons skillsMost likely single!
Trouble follows him (pun 100% intended)Can't save everyoneLingering zombie effects = maybe eat your brains?Lots of enemies = bait friends!
4.0Frisk Me!