Name: Dean Winchester
TV Show: Supernatural
Class: Hunter
Filed Under: Everyday Person/Extraordinary Circumstances
Portrayed By: Jensen Ackles


Hunters live dangerous lives, so it’s no wonder our man Dean has some war stories and battle scars. He’s had a hard life on the road, and had to grow up fast after losing his mom and later losing his dad. Demon hunting is in his blood and those who know Dean know that he feels most at ease doing what he is called to do.

Dean and Sam have a bond that has been tested so many times over the years—whether it was Sam who was losing his grip on reality or being trapped in a Hell cage, Dean has always been there to pull Sam out of it. He has a good heart and shows us time and time again the lengths to which he will go for those he cares about. While he takes joy in the simple things, a cheeseburger, a beer, or even just working on his car, Dean is incredibly tenacious when it comes to finding answers, no matter how complicated the journey becomes. But at the end of the day, you can make this guy happy with some porn and a little bit of pudding (not necessarily in that order).

‘Resilient’ is one of the words that comes to mind when considering the trials and tribulations Dean has weathered. Dying over a hundred times during the series tends to leave a mark, which is interesting because one of the biggest trials Dean has had to overcome was being given the Mark of Cain—an ancient mark which drives the wearer into the depths of darkness and fills them with rage only to leave the bearer in a state no longer recognizable to those around them. Despite the mark, despite the demons, and despite the losses suffered by Dean, he remains able to feel for people and genuinely wants to make the world a better place.

Dean Winchester | Double Win Twins

Stat Allocation

Strength: Dean is human, but he’s also had some supernatural abilities throughout the course of his hunting activities. Especially, most recently with the Mark of Cain, Dean was not your average Joe and was packing some serious rage-enduced strength. Prior to that, Dean was moonlighting as a demon for a tad. So at the end of the day, he’s got some adds to the strength department even if he is *mostly human. Where Dean really shows his strength though is in the area of his emotional strength and willingness to make hard choices and do incredibly impossible things. Dean gets a 5.

Dexterity: Dean does not have sniper skills and isn’t the most agile of fighters. Although he can be resourceful in a fight, it’s not entirely based on dexterity, but more based on experience. However, he did have to fight his way through Purgatory and that had to take some insane reflexes. 3.

Intelligence: No book smarts here, that we can tell anyway. Dean does like to hit the books in the Men of Letters library, but he’s not really the best at strategy and isn’t particularly cunning. Dean does have a pretty good understanding of human behavior and although he isn’t the most tactful, he can throw out some insightful nuggets on occasion. 3.

Charisma: Of the two brothers, Dean does not stick out as the charismatic influencer. He’s more of a “do what I say or I hit you” type of fella. The schmoozing is usually left to Sam, and probably for good reason. Dean’s a little rough around the edges. 3.

Dean Winchester | Double Win Twins

Dean Winchester | Stats
LoyalTenaciousAppreciates the little thingsThe man's got jokes
Unhealthy dietAbandonment issuesStubbornMight like his car better than you