If you’re a fan of spoilers, which I am, then you may have heard already that Season 3 of Sleepy Hollow will not be giving you any more Headless Horseman anytime soon. A few more monsters will be tormenting our fierce witness duo according to Natalie Abrams’ Spoiler Room last week. The first will be none other than one of the most feared mystery serial killers of all time, Jack the Ripper, who will be released into our fair town by some sort of “instrument of evil.” As things tend to go in Sleepy Hollow, this might not be the first Ichabod has seen of Jack the Ripper; and he also has a history with the second monster we heard about, The Abyzou—who sounds like it could take the shape of nasty winged creature that sadly, isn’t an angel. The third monster spoiler is the one I am most pumped about, and those of you who are big Lord of the Rings or Skyrim fans will probably also agree.

Cue: Army of Draugur led by evil General Howe.

General William Howe was indeed an important figure for the British during the Revolutionary War, as he became the Commander of the British forces and was most known for leading the Brits to victory in the Battle of Bunker Hill. We at Double Win Twins HQ are huge fans of alternate history story-lines and this one has promise written all over it. General Howe, like most of the prominent British figures we heard mention of in Seasons 1 and 2, has demonic ties, or at the very least he does in present day Sleepy Hollow. What is really exciting is the incorporation of Draugur into the story. Draugur, or Draugr in Old Norse mythology, are similar to the barrow-wights of Fellowship of the Ring, and share characteristics of the Nazgul. They can be seen guarding treasure and entering dreams, attacking the living, or even shape-shifting. Some lore has them possessing superhuman strength and magical powers, and other lore has them impervious to human weapons. This addition to the Sleepy Hollow monster library is so exciting when you consider all of the possibilities for writing the Draugur. And although it sounds like General Howe will be pulling the strings of these gnarly abominations, I have no doubt whatsoever that something or someone far more nefarious is in charge. High hopes all around for this plot-line, and even higher hopes that it gets more screen-time than the other monsters. Not to mention that they have to be way cooler than just plain old zombie redcoats, because we have already seen those:

Zombie Redcoats | Double Win Twins
As for my earlier predictions for Pandora, after reading that Jack the Ripper joins the story through what sounds like some sort of cursed trinket, and that there will be Draugur who may or may not be of the treasure-guarding variety, I still think there could be something to this Pandora’s Box theory. I won’t give up. After all, not much info floating around about Pandora means one of two things: either she is insignificant entirely or she’s way more important than just the occasional side-kick slot. I don’t know about you gentle readers, but I’ll put my money on Big Bad. Nobody puts Sossy in the corner.

Want to find out if I’m right? Tune in on Thursday, Oct. 1, at 9 p.m. EST for the Season 3 premiere.