Name: Klaus Mikaelson
TV Show: The Originals
Class: Vampire
Filed Under: Gifted Supernatural
Portrayed By: Joseph Morgan


Poor, evil, Klaus Mikaelson. Nobody likes you, everybody hates you, why don’t you just go eat worms? Well, because you’re Klaus and frankly, you don’t give a crap. Klaus Mikaelson is the nastiest original vampire with a heart of…well the jury is out on whether he actually has one. Scorned by his hateful father for being the bastard son in the family, Klaus has serious daddy issues. Come to think of it, he also has mommy issues, and consequently has a problem connecting with any other being alive or dead. Klaus is conniving and calculated; he’s uber paranoid and utterly cold. He’s a hybrid—half vampire, half werewolf—which makes him powerful and deadly. It also makes him the leader by default on most occasions, but not because he’s got any leadership skills whatsoever.

You know, you all seem to think this is a democracy, and I assure you it is not!-Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson | Double Win Twins
Becoming a father to Hope was huge for Klaus, and it is incredibly fitting that the baby’s arrival gave so many characters hope that Klaus would change his ways, perhaps soften up, or learn to trust and be trusted. The end of this last season has proven those glimmers of hope to be futile. Klaus is a destroyer, and if there is any heart inside his wacked-out hybrid chest, it’s buried deeply under hundreds of years of destruction. Yet, it’s amazing… that sideways smile just keeps getting everyone into trouble.
Klaus Mikaelson | Double Win Twins

Stat Allocation

Strength: Klaus is the biggest, baddest hybrid on the block, or actually ever. He’s a vampire AND a werewolf. He can kill other vampires with his bite and holds the key to saving them from certain death in his own blood. He’s capable of moving mountains if he wants to, which works out for him since he would not likely get a helping hand from anyone. 5.

Dexterity: Super speed and crazy reflexes are Klaus’s forte. There really isn’t much there you could think of that would detract from his dexterity score. 5.

Intellect: Niklaus is again, conniving and calculated. He’s bested pretty much everyone, not just in tests of strength but in tests of intellect. However, since the evil genius kind of intelligence is not the only kind of intelligence, Klaus does take a hit. He’s got the social awareness of a spoon. 4

Charisma: See above. All of it and then some. 2. (and not 1, only because I too fall for that evil sideways smile)

Klaus Mikaelson | Stats
Original BadassIntoxicating SmileEvil MastermindGreat Taste in Art
ParanoidBack-stabbyHomicidal TendenciesFamily Issues
4.0Hybrid Hottie!