**Major spoilers contained here!**

This summer has given us a few nuggets of info here and there about what we can expect in Season 3 of The Originals, but there are still some pretty big questions about the fates of some of our favorite dysfunctional family members. Executive producer Julie Plec served up some of those tasty little nuggets in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter where she expressed her excitement about new cast member Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars and Moonlight). We also learned that actor Andrew Lees will be joining the show as Klaus’ first sire, Lucien. In fact, it’s also been confirmed that a few more sires will be hitting the scene in Season 3—namely Rebekah’s and Elijah’s firstborn. Meanwhile, we all know that Hayley has been cursed to remain in werewolf form most of her days, leaving Rebekah and Freya as the leading ladies in Hope’s life. What does it all mean?!? We will have to wait until October to start unraveling the mystery… until then, naturally I have some predictions:

Jason Dohring | Double Win TwinsJason Dohring | Double Win TwinsJason Dohring | Double Win Twins

Playboy… turned Vampire… turned Vampire Hunter?

Jason Dohring, of Veronica Mars and Moonlight fame, will be joining the cast as Detective Will Kinney this fall. Kinney, as confirmed by Julie Plec, is definitely a human, and rumors are flying that he does have some Vampire expertise. Now I know that the humans of NoLa had a group of leaders keeping the peace with the supernatural population, so it is totally plausible that Kinney had a similar gig wherever he came from. You don’t need to be a Vampire Hunter to know about vampires… BUT it IS coincidental that Kinney appears at the same time as “the Trinity” of first sires who are rumored to be in contact with a much larger group of vampires—all links in the Mikaelson bloodlines because, well, doesn’t every vampire have to be? I have a hunch that Detective Kinney isn’t going to end up ‘just’ a detective, even if he is still ‘just’ a human. After all, as we see in the TVD/Originals world, most people are not what they seem at first glance. Which brings me to my next prediction:

Freya Mikaelson | Double Win Twins

Freya is an evil genius.

We will start out Season 3 with two conundrums: Hayley is more werewolf than human and Kol is still dead. I know, I know, Davina is going to be the leader of the witches and blah, blah, she’s going to figure both things out, blah, blah, blah. Well, if you don’t know how I feel about Davina, you can read the ravings of a crazy woman here. Anywho, Davina may be powerful, but Freya has Esther blood and Dahlia upbringing; and I don’t care if Davina is a Regent or not, I am pretty sure Freya could destroy her in the blink of an eye. Freya totally has ulterior motives and will surely use at least one or both of these issues to her advantage. My bet is on bringing Hayley back from the wolf-side. After all, Freya hates Klaus and that would piss him off the most seeing as how Hayley would just try to take Hope away again.

There’s nothing quite like a mob of vampires with daddy issues.

Along with the mentions of Lucien in an EW interview with our beloved Joseph Morgan, we learn that it’s likely we will see big numbers of vampires from all remaining sire lines coming to air their grievances and abandonment issues. I’m not entirely sure that their motivation will be that of addressing a bone to pick with the vampire parents who left them behind. It seems that if there is a network of vampires who know what sire line they belong to and who actively communicate with each other, it also stands to reason that they would fully know what happens when an Original is killed… because they saw it happen when Finn died. We all know that the White Oak Stake is gone for good, but everybody else doesn’t know that, and it safe to say that someone will find a way to create another one. At the end of the day, when we left Season 2 the witches were poised to become a united front against the vampires; but the whole thing could get turned on its head if an army of vampires comes to NoLa knowing that their survival depends on the Mikaelsons. I’m not saying there won’t be a ton of random violence and bloodshed upon their arrival, but I don’t think that will be point of their visit. There’s going to be a war, alright, but who ends up on what side is going to be one of our Season 3 journeys.
Klaus Mikaelson | Double Win Twins

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