Let me just start out by saying that I am so pumped for the return of Sara Lance as the White Canary.

This summer, the Internet learned that the Lazarus Pit was going to play a bigger role in the future of the Arrow and have bleed-over potential into some of the new plot-lines on the horizon. It’s at this point pretty well-known that our beloved Sara Lance will be returning in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow this fall, and it seems we have that Pit to thank. So, what can we look forward to for after the Canary’s “phoenix moment?” In July, we heard from Caity Lotz in an interview posted by @NatalieAbrams of Entertainment Weekly who said she was interested in seeing more about Sara’s journey to becoming a kick-ass ninja assassin. And at Comic-Con, Caity gave some deets on her training sessions and expressed her desire to be more like Jackie Chan. So it sounds like we might get to explore the dark side of the cooler Lance sister and see more of her stunt-lady skills… which are awesome.

Looking forward to the Canary’s return to the world of the living has me seriously juiced to see all of the impending happy reunions and suuuper awkwardness that is likely to result as well. Is Laurel going to feel weird about stealing Sara’s gimmick? And is Sara going to be totally cool about it since Laurel now has the ability to literally blow people’s ear drums with the annoying sound of her voice and that is like so totally original?

Sara and Laurel | Double Win Twins

Oh, hai… you’re back… again… I was just keeping that costume warm for ya.

Is Sara going to be cool with Thea about the whole… killing-her-thing? Is Thea going to implode (likely)? IS OLICITY GOING TO SELF DESTRUCT? Ermagerd, the possibilities for theatrics are boundless… but I still love it. I love Sara Lance. I am glad to have her marching back into the mix, white leather-clad and wigless. One thing that’s lingering in my mind though is the love-interest potential for Sara as she takes her place in Legends. During her SDCC interview, Caity brought up Sara’s bisexuality in terms of possibilities for her romantic interests on Team Legend. Sara’s romance with Oliver Queen was compelling but I really like the idea of Sara having a relationship with a woman. I think it was a cool twist in the Arrow and I think it would be a really cool feature of LoT. Thoughts?