Name: Aidan Waite
TV Show: Being Human (U.S.)
Class: Vampire
Filed Under: Gifted Supernatural
Portrayed By: Sam Witwer


Aidan Waite is a vampire who has lived for over 250 years. Dude is old. But he still looks good! Aidan starts the series living in a house with his peeps, Sally and Josh. They are a vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf, respectively. Later on they meet Nora and she’s also awesome but I’m trying not to give too much away to those who haven’t seen/haven’t finished watching the series. No Spoilers!

But anyway, they are all good friends. Aidan is really loyal to Sally and Josh and they all are really adorable together–when, you know, they’re just chillin’ because their lives aren’t *immediately* in danger and stuff. Or you could say they’re adorable even when the bad shit is going down. For a horror/supernatural show, it’s really quite touching, heart-warming, and imepeccably funny at times.

Why are there ghosts in there punching each other in the balls? – Aidan

I love the whole cast and find them all completely bone-worthy, but we made a rule that we would try to limit our choices when dealing with shows with a small cast. So Aidan it is!

Aidan was “turned” during the American Revolution, so sometimes you will see him in a flashback wearing a uniform and stuff. Pretty cool if you’re into a man in uniform.

ALSO! Because Aidan has lived so damn long, you’ll get to see what he looked like in other, various eras. Disco Aidan! Roaring Twenties Aidan! Sometimes he was even a good guy. Other times, he was really, really bad!

Aidan Waite: A Retrospective

I’ve lived with my regret. – Aidan

Stat Allocation

Aidan is super STRONG. Duh, he’s a vampire. So he gets 5 to STRENGTH.

Not only that, but he is extremely agile. In Bed! LOL. (But he so totally is). So, Aidan can do all the things your typical vampires can do. He can jump really high and far, he can move really fast–so fast you’re like “Where did my pants go?” You know, the usual. 5 to DEXTERITY!

Aidan can compel just about anyone to do whatever he damn pleases, again, just like your typical vampire. Simply by looking deep.. deeper… even deeper into their eyes. Where were we again? Oh yeah, 5 to CHARISMA.

But Aidan isn’t your typical broody, sexy vampire. I mean, sometimes he is but he’s not JUST that. Example: when Aidan gets drunk on blood, he is THE BEST.

Blood Drunk Aidan | Double Win Twins

You would think a guy that has lived for a bazillion years would be smarter than he is. He’s smart, for sure, but he still acts like a dummy sometimes. Will he ever learn? Maybe. So, for INTELLECT, Aidan gets a 4.

Aidan may be a “good guy” now, but he has done some bad, bad shit in his time.

He might get all blood-lusty and accidentally kill you during sexy times.

Even if he doesn’t kill you, Aidan is pretty much gonna live forever, while you get all old and haggard.

You’re pretty much gonna have a complex about that. What’s to stop Aidan from banging some new hot piece on the side? Well, he probably won’t because he loves you so much. Supposedly.


Aidan Waite | Stats
Vampire strengthSuper agileCan compel youHilarious when blood drunk
Has a super shady pastDoesn't always learnMay accidentally kill youStays same age, while you get old