Name: Ichabod Crane
TV Show: Sleepy Hollow
Class: Time Traveling Gentleman and Scholar
Filed Under: Everyday Person/Extraordinary Circumstances
Portrayed By: Tom Mison


Can I Get a Witness?!

I should like to say that surely the first sign of the impending apocalypse originating in one Sleepy Hollow was the appearance of the illustrious Ichabod Crane. In all his days working on the side of good in a secret war against the rising evil masked as British armed militia, Ichabod has undoubtedly maintained his gentlemanly ways, impeccable vocabulary, and sexy, sexy facial hair. His steadfast commitment to Revolutionary War fashion and seemingly endless connections to famous people makes us want to gaze long and hard into those mysterious eyes and introduce him to the world of the Internet, fast food, public transportation, and probably sexting. Come here little bird, we will teach you everything you need to know about 2015… right down to our futuristic mating rituals and love of cats in funny outfits.

Ichabod Crane | Double Win Twins

Ichabod may not be the classic idea of a fighter, but he is a fighter nonetheless. Mr. Crane shows no fear and has faced all the stuff of nightmares, and persevered. He is quick witted, highly intelligent and calculating; and his ability to adapt to his surroundings definitely puts him on the winning side time and time again. He is also a huge romantic in the most classical sense, and consistently expresses his admiration and respect for others.

Ichabod Crane | Double Win Twins

Stat Allocation

Strength: No push-ups and pull-ups, sadly, for Mr. Crane, that we are privileged to view anyway. Although a good sword-fighter, Crane does not appear to be a pillar of brute strength. Also, although we see throughout the first few seasons that Ichabod has the utmost integrity in his dedication to the mission, Ichabod does have some very apparent weak spots. Katrina… daddy issues… resurrection issues… Ichabod, my dear man, you assigned a score of 2.

Dexterity: Aptitude in sword-fighting gives my fair Ichabod a boost in the dexterity department, for sure. Also, Crane can be lithe like a bunny and quick on the draw. Points for being able to use his surroundings to identify weapons and escape plans are also awarded to this area. However, sword-fighting and bunny hops do not equal sharp-shooter abilities and arrows through the heart, 3.

Intellect: Mr. Crane likes big words. He was an invaluable asset to the colonists during the Revolution and rubbed elbows with some of the greatest minds of his time, and well, most time. He can decrypt hidden messages, and has an eidetic memory- meaning he can remember exactly what he sees and reads with intense accuracy. His adaptation to his new world has been remarkable (with the exception of his clothing) and he has a high social intelligence, even if he has a mental block from time to time. 5

Charisma: What person shows up to a crime scene and convinces any sane person that he is in fact a soldier from the Revolutionary War and was resurrected in a cave by his witch wife? A murderously charismatic magician of logic and persuasion, that’s who. Ichabod Crane is the picture of oozing, infectious charisma with his charming accent and perfectly tousled hair. His bewilderment at his surroundings leaves us saying “awwwwwwww” over and over again. 5. 5. 5.

Ichabod Crane | Double Win Twins

Ichabod Crane | Stats
Razor-sharp witLoyalEidetic memoryGreat hair
Horrible romantic choicesDaddy issuesKnow-it-allOld-school underwear