Thea Queen went from bratty teen rich kid to ass-kicking mini ninja over the last Season of The Arrow and the transformation has been awesome to watch. I love that we’ve now been introduced to Speedy, even though we all knew it was coming since that’s been her nickname since she was a kid. Thea’s had a hell of a time though, so she definitely has some anger issues she can take out on what seems to be a huge criminal population in Starling City. She watched her mom get a sword through the heart, learned her brother was the Vigilante, found out her dad was a power-hungry lunatic, and her answer? Learn how to kick some serious ass.

I’m looking forward to some show-writing that puts Thea’s journey into her own superhero status in the forefront. I’d love to see Ollie lean on Thea as more of an equal and less of a fragile kid sister. However, what I would REALLY love to see is a Speedy/Black Canary fight because… well, someone needs to kick Laurel Lance’s ass, generally, all the time. Why on earth would this happen, you ask? Well, it WAS Thea who killed Sara Lance, and even though Laurel seems to be taking that one in stride, we all know that’s not really how she rolls. She might seem ‘ok’ with it, but she was all pro-Arrow until she blamed him for not saving Tommy. AND then cue: Vigilante Task Force. I’m just saying.

Season 4 hopes definitely include Thea Queen in some red leather kicking Black Canary’s ass into next Tuesday. Here’s hoping I’m not alone.

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