Name: Oliver Queen
TV Show: Arrow
Class: Superhero
Filed Under: Everyday Person/Extraordinary Circumstances
Portrayed By: Stephen Amell


His name is Oliver Queen. For 5 years he spent countless hours learning how to shoot arrows, climb walls, and “interrogate” people; and has cultivated some of the best abs in superhero-verse. He has vowed to right his father’s wrongs and protect Starling City from all varieties of douchebags and ninja assassins. He is the Arrow.

“I find the person, and then I put the fear of God into them until they talk.” – Oliver

Oliver went from over-entitled frat boy to vigilante, and with the help of Team Arrow, has built a crime-fighting machine. Although misunderstood as having a tendency towards violence he is a gentle mass of a man who just wants to have a normal life with his honey and never sport a goatee.

Stat Allocation

Strength: Ollie is oh, so strong, both in physical might and constitution. He is truly buff and his collection of scars proves his ability to withstand pain. He can stomach the most horrendous of tasks and… oh stomach. Yes. Strong. Oh my. 5!

Dexterity: The Arrow, well shoots freakin’ arrows at things. You need some serious dexterity to hit anything that isn’t moving let alone a moving, angry target. Also, he can jump, flip, slide, and hide in the rafters like a ninja… or like someone in the League of Assassins? They don’t pick candidates to be the boss of the League of Assassins if they’re all clumsy and shit. Sooo. 5!

Intellect: Mr. Queen is cunning for sure, but he can also be a real dumbass sometimes. He has made some really amazing choices to bring uber-smarties into Team Arrow to handle the technical stuff, but Ollie can still be a little dim with the day-to-day. Not a dealbreaker, but not a 5. 4!

Charisma: Oliver Queen for Mayor 2016. He may not be the choice to run Queen Consolidated, but he can get people to follow him into the depths of hell if he wanted to. (It is, after all, tough to compete with Summer Glau) At the end of the day, give me that gentle smile and earnest look and I am putty in your big, big, man hands. 5.

Oliver Queen | Double Win Twins

Oliver Queen | Stats
Killer absGood aimTarzan-like abilitiesShirtless
Former frat boyAnger issuesToo many ex-girlfriendsLone wolf