Angels Suck.

Watching Dominion Season 1 on SyFy just confirms something I already suspected from my countless hours of watching Supernatural: Angels really, really suck. Supernatural has been exploring the douchebaggery of angels for several seasons… Metatron anyone? (It helps that he’s played by Booger from Revenge of the Nerds.) But no seriously, the daily skullduggery explored by the angels in Supernatural started to compete with what you would expect to see from the demons. Needless to say, angels don’t look so good right about now in the world of Sam and Dean… they may not all be as bad as Metatron, but they are a fracking disaster. At the end of the day, I am a huge sucker for twisted angel stories. Can’t get enough. So, just when I thought I couldn’t love to hate angels any more…

Enter: Eight-balls.

Dominion Eight-Balls | Double Win Twins

Angels also equal jacked-up grills on Dominion. /gross

Holy Sweet JESUS these things are creepy. Never mind the fact that they crawl on muthaf*cking CEILINGS. They already look more like demons than any “demon” on Supernatural.

Case in point: Supernatural Season 4’s big bad, Lilith.

Lilith on Supernatural | Double Win Twins

They could have at least given her a hairy mole or something.

Dominion really steps up the angel h8 big time, but there seems to be a theme on my favorite nerd shows and it includes these winged jerks acting like petulant children, lying, killing, and kicking each other in the nuts. I, for one, love a twist on the generally accepted lore that depicts angels as loving watchers. I LOVE the idea that they are actually pissed-off uber freaks with a vendetta against humankind. Keep the angry birds coming Dominion, and my dear Supernatural, you had me at “Angel War.”