Beware of Spoilers! Oh My!

The death of Eddie Thawne in the Season 1 finale of The Flash may have resulted in the erasing of Eobard Thawne, aka Dr. Wells, but it seems like that won’t be the last we see of Harrison, according to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg back in May. I personally LOVED Dr. Wells/Reverse-Flash/Thawne descendent in some weird daddy issue kind of way. How can this guy continue as a series regular on the show after such a departure? Well, I have some theories. Maybe one of them will play out???

The Flash | Double Win Twins

I’m going to take your body now… k?


The obvious theory floating around the Internet is that Dr. Wells himself will return, even though Thawne played invasion of the body snatchers with his goods. Since the show now has time travel this could happen easily if Barry returns to the moments before the car crash and saves Wells. One HUGE issue though with this is trying to think through the massive shit-storm of ripple effects from making a change of that magnitude.

Gideon | Double Win Twins

Just a little skin pigmentation, some sexy glasses, and a dashing hairdo, and BAM! Robo-Wells.


Eobard Thawne, prior to kicking the bucket, took some precautions and made himself into some sort of hologram in the vain of “if my hologram is activated, I must be dead” type of maneuver. This would require some insane level of artificial intelligence creation, but we already have Gideon, and that proves it’s totally possible. PLUS Robo-Wells wouldn’t be able to put the hurt on the Flashtastics.

Meta Wells | Double Win Twins

Double Wells, how meta.


Somehow, some way, Dr. Wells is cloned. Probably easiest from a story point-of-view. We all know that Caitlin and Cisco are mega geniuses, and they most likely have the help of Dr. Martin Stein and probably Dr. McGee, who still owes them for saving her from some bee-crazed loony. OH not to mention, Ray Palmer. But seriously though, if the Flashtastics are going to get to cloning some Dr. Wellses, I sincerely hope they send an extra one my way.

What do you think about Dr. Wells’ return to The Flash, Season 2?