Name: Marcel Gerard
TV Show: The Originals
Class: Vampire
Filed Under: Gifted Supernatural
Portrayed By: Charles Michael Davis


This old Vampire was once the property of the Governor of Louisiana until the Mikaelson family took him under their wing. After the Mikaelsons fled the city, Marcel took his place as the King of Nola and kept order amongst the supernatural population. A vampire with a (slightly odd) moral compass, he succumbed to the will of Klaus in order to protect his allies and keep Klaus’ damage spree to a minimum.

Marcel is sensitive but deadly. He can throw you across the room with the blink of an eye and although there’s no need, he can compel you to do his kinky bidding.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m on your “who’s been naughty list.” -Marcel Gerard

Stat Allocation

Strength: Marcel is a vampire and as we all know, that means super strength. He’s also strong-willed and protective of his friends. He’s also got arms like tree trunks and some killer vampire abs. oh, that’s a 5.

Dexterity: Vampires are super fast when they want to be. He’s been caught in a jam a few times though and super speed is not the only thing that contributes to dexterity. We’ll give him a 4.

Intellect: Marcel is street smart, but not very book smart. He was also bested by Klaus and witches… and hell, some werewolves too. 3.

Charisma: Marcel is super loyal and well-liked. He’s also a natural leader and someone who people trust. 5.

Marcel Gerard | Double Win Twins

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Marcel Gerard | Stats
LoyalCompulsionMoral CompassKnows how to have a good time
Bad friend choicesNot shirtless enoughReservedNot the sharpest tool in the shed