Let’s talk about Davina Claire for a moment, yeah?

I was on the fence about the Vampire Diaries spin-off idea, but was pleasantly surprised by the execution of the Originals in putting the (un)lives of the Mikaelsons front and center. The tone of the show was cool, and I love the fact that it’s set in NoLa. Klaus delivered exactly the brand of super douchebaggery we all know and expect from him, and hit the ground running plotting against Marcel. I will admit though, as soon as Davina Claire entered the scene, I hopped right back on that fence.

Davina’s first season presence almost made her seem like a character from a Stephen King novel… she was crazy emotional and a bit nutso-seeming, and let herself be played like a puppet all for the sake of “saving” her from the Harvest. The “damsel in distress” factor was high, and ultimately culminated in failure… and her being ostracized by the witches of the Quarter. That part was totally believable. She was immature, acted selfishly and was the cause of a ton of witch deaths. So it was only fair that she keep it on the down-low for a while. I would have liked if she just faded into the background for good, but unfortunately body-snatched Kol had to come in and bring her hormone crazed ass back into the mix.

 Davina Claire | Double Win Twins

That’s it, I’m taking my crystal ball and I’m going home.

Which brings me to the thing I hate most about Davina Claire at this very moment: Kol. Yes, it’s totally believable that she develop this deep, meaningful love for a Mikaelson she barely knows, whose existence in her life was predicated on lies. Sure he wanted to help her kill Klaus, but that was totally because he loved her, right? And it is TOTALLY believable that Davina Claire be the one most hurt by Kol’s death despite his siblings having been around with him for oh, 1,000+ years. Yeah, totally.


I just met you, and this is crazy.

So, since we’ve established that Davina is still an idiot, horribly immature, and in no way responsible, let’s say it also makes perfect sense that she be dubbed the new “Regent” for the witches, even though some of those folks have been around for ages. This. This is the thing that will make me stop watching the show. We were supposed to be so afraid of Esther, Dahlia, Papa Tunde even. And now, we will start out Season 3 with nothing to fear but Davina Claire. For reals.

Alls I’m going to say is that Davina Claire better have some seriously genius character development in Season 3. Because I am just not buying it. Ultimately, I’d like to see Klaus tear her head off, and Vincent become the Regent. But we can only dream, right?