…from The Future.

Joss Whedon has been known to throw down some serious slang in his on-screen nerd masterpieces. The language of the Scoobies in BtVS was an ode to perfectly witty teenage banter in the 90s that we all wish we could pull off but surely nobody I knew had the verbal cunning of even Xander Harris. Mr. Whedon’s finest slangery, I daresay, is seen through his depiction of the future, written into Firefly and the graphic novel series Fray. Not surprisingly, there is a little bleed-over… pun intended.

So, do you want to impress your friends with some futuristic nerd lingo? Try these on for size:

  • Bughouse: n. otherwise known as a mental hospital. Ex. Once, Buffy was stung by a nasty demon that made her hallucinate her way into a bughouse… Or were they just hallucinations?
  • Doxy: n. otherwise known as a hooker. Ex. Dolls were sort of like extremely high priced doxies, if the job included “happy” time.
  • Hornswoggle: v. otherwise known as to trick. Ex. Demon Anya used to hornswoggle scorned women into wishing for vengeance.
  • Rocketship: adj. otherwise known as awesome. Ex. The implosion of the Hellmouth was so rocketship I couldn’t even be that sad that Buffy was over.
  • The Grid: n. otherwise known as the Internet. No example needed, you all know you’re on the grid. Right now. Because it’s not just for Uppers yet.
  • Rutting: v. or adj. otherwise known as fracking. Ex. What is this rutting idiot writing about?!

You’re welcome.

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